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Launch Your Website Already!

Why DIY?

Flexibility & Freedom

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Leave behind the nitty gritty details. Instead, focus on what truly matters – your content. We got this!

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You Own It

No annual theme payments, ever. You’ll never have to worry about ownership over your brand. Anything created for your brand by Kit Blogs belongs to you, no questions asked! 

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We work with you to determine what your greatest needs are and how we can best help. You have the option to choose a package containing a done-for-you website, or contact us to get started designing your custom site! 

Be Up And Running In No Time

Bring Your Site to Life

As a business owner, you’re being constantly pulled in many different directions. Don’t let one of those distractions be your website. We will help you climb this mountain with ease, leaving you the time to focus on the important things, like your customers and readers! 

Let Kit Blogs Save You Time and the Ongoing Headache

The leap to having a website or blog is a game changer for many businesses and individuals, and is key as you grow and scale for the future. But, going the DIY route means weeks on weeks of technical-induced headaches. We can save you time and effort on a website fast.

We realize it can be scary. It’s a big step! But, Kit Blogs promises to stand by your side as you take the next step in your business (yes that includes blogging), and into the future as you evolve and expand. Use our knowledge to your benefit and get your site launched! 

You Need A Beautiful Site For A Reason!

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Make changes to your site easier than ever before with the latest revolutionary drag-and-drop editing software used by over 275,000 other website owners: Elementor. No coding, no confusion, no frustration, just easy!

Add in a whole new pre-designed section with just one click. Build an entirely new page in three clicks. See it change before your eyes.

Astra is a light, customizable, and fast theme that lays the groundwork for a site that is easy to optimize for site speed and SEO ranking.

With the combination of Astra and Elementor, you have everything you need for a fast and customizable site…NOW.

Tools & Resources For Everyone

All You'll Ever Need is Right Here

Blogs In A Box

Let us share a fully built site that is just ready for customization and YOUR content. No hidden fees. No product subscription charges (without your request). It’s that simple. Blogs In A Box

All The Plugins You Need

Don’t spend endless hours online searching for the RIGHT plugins. Security? Caching? Image optimization? We’ve got you covered.

Need A Developer or Designer?

We work with great and trusted freelancers that ready and waiting to help your site come to life.

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Have a defined brand (colors, fonts, images, etc) and just want someone to get it all in place? That’s our jam.

Ongoing Support

Need help with those questions you KNOW will pop up as your business grows? Yup, we’re here for that, too.

Continued Learning & Organization

With our products and tools you are one step away from mastering your checklists and tasks, including FREE courses and resources.

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