Kit Blogs was created in to help new or existing site owners and bloggers focus on what they love – content.

Kit Blogs was created to provide blogging tips, courses, and Blogs In A Box, allowing site owners the ability to get a fast, responsive, and customizable WordPress site ready to launch, just waiting to be filled with content.

(Kit Blogs is formerly known as BloggingAboutMomming)

Meet The Founder

KitBlogs founder Kristine Beaves

Kristine Beaves

Founder / Chaos Coordinator

Kristine has worked with bloggers and site owners for years, watching each pick away at every little detail of their site for weeks…months…and even close to a year before launching. She realized how much time and energy (and money…) people were wasting getting their site “perfect”.

In the online world, content is everything. Sites will always be a work in progress. 

So she decided to provide a simple, easy, and affordable way to get new site owners over the learning curve faster and without all the guesswork. Kit Blogs was formed.

Kristine is a blogger, mom of 2, former project manager, and organization nerd. She enjoys snark and sarcasm to see her through life of organized chaos. Taking complex problems and simplifying them is her jam.

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