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If you are a blogger and are looking for a plugin to use to create contact forms, there are quite a few options out there to choose from. So what makes Formidable Forms the contact form of choice?

The Formidable Forms WordPress plugin offers a user friendly interface and customizable forms that are simple to create and provides a saved version of the form submission for your records.

After trying a few other contact forms, Formidable Forms performed above and beyond any others tried.

Please note that after writing this article, I found an amazing deal for a similar form builder (HappyForms) on a lifetime deal through AppSumo. So although I no longer use Formidable Forms, I still love their plugin!

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Why Formidable Forms?

In addition to what you read earlier, Formidable Forms have different packages you can purchase based on your needs. All their forms are mobile optimized and the plugin is lightweight (great for page load time and SEO). For most bloggers, you will just need the lowest package that includes:

  • Drag and drop form creator and editor
  • Unlimited forms
  • Wide range of form fields: file uploads, conditional logic, calculator forms, surveys and polls, repeater fields, confirmation fields, cascading dropdowns, and more (see screen shots below with fields).
  • Different form types: single or multi-page forms.
  • More functionality: form scheduling (so the form only appears during a certain date range), spam protection, conditional form notifications, form autoreponders, user tracking
  • Form Templates*: Contact Us (simple form), Create WordPress Post (if you accept guest posts on your blog), User Information (to collect more than just email like address and website), Extended Contact Details (a contact form with more fields), Real Estate Listings, and Job Application (if you are hiring).
  • Email service provider (ESP) integration: Mailchimp, AWeber, MailPoet and Highrise.
  • Export Entries: Export the entries in your forms to a CSV (which you can open in Google Sheets or Excel).

*There are other templates with the higher packages, but you can create and customize your form by creating a new, blank form. Templates just make it easier and faster to create the form you need. You can also create your own templates to reuse on different forms.

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There are higher packages that include more integrations, templates, site licenses, and payment acceptance. Since BAM has only used the base package, check out their website under pricing to see all the other options available if you are looking for further functionality for a form.

How To Create A Form

Below is a video showing the basics of how you create a form in this plugin:

The Competition For Contact Forms

Sure, there are a few free contact forms out there that may serve your purposes (especially if you are just starting out). Contact Form 7 is one of the free contact forms many recommend. But, the user interface is very hard if you aren’t fluent in HTML. Here is an example of a simple form created with Contact Form 7:

Contact Form 7 screenshot

And then you have to create the same for the email you receive from the form. If you don’t see the email or forget to set up the email sending you the field contents, the information submitted in your form is lost…forever.

When it comes to most plugins, free is great if you don’t have a budget, but you will lack plugin support (if you have questions or problem) and ease of use.

Do your research (by reading articles like this) before you decide on a free or paid plugin. BAM made the decision to go with Formidable Forms after finding almost no negative reviews of this plugin.

The Drawbacks of Formidable Forms

While many bloggers rely on their smartphone to get through their blogging tasks, this plugin isn’t easily used on phones when you are creating or editing a form.

Yes, you can access the entries from your phone by turning it horizontal when viewing a form (or you can click “Entries” in the plugin options in the sidebar but this will show entries for all of your forms – great if you have just one form, but not so great if you have 5+ active forms).

Also, make sure you update your form after editing before heading on over to another section (like looking at Entries or Settings). There is no warning to save your work before proceeding. You will lose a lot (or all) of the work you do on the form if you don’t update first!

The base package does not include integration with many email service providers (ESPs) or services like Zapier (which integrates with tons of ESPs) to collect emails. However, since most forms are not intended as opt in forms, this may not be an issue for many bloggers.

Other than that, BAM has no other complaints about this plugin!

The Pros Outweigh the Cons

Although it would be great to integrate with email and edit nicely on mobile, for the needs of BAM these are absolutely not deal breakers.

This blog needed contact forms that could be customized for a multitude of uses: general contact form, feedback forms, intake forms (in many ways), and surveys.

There are a lot of bloggers that use Google Forms for many of the functions I needed, but it’s amazing to have the forms integrated directly in the blog AND save the form submissions for easy access.

Ultimately, I recommend Formidable Forms to any website or blog owner looking for a way to integrate great, customizable contact forms, surveys or any other type of form on your website.

Other Popular Contact Forms

Here are some other contact forms that other bloggers use:

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