Are you a blogger, virtual assistant, course creator, business owner, or entrepreneur? Do you have legal documents for your clients or customers to sign or agree to in order to use your services or products? If not, you may be setting yourself up for a legal dispute that could really cost you…literally.

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By using simple and easy legal templates (from Amira Law) for your interactions with your customers, blog visitors, and clients, you are helping to ensure the safety of your business long-term.

Please note that I am NOT a lawyer. I am just a entrepreneur and business owner just like you.

What Kinds Of Legal Coverage Do I need?

Well, that all depends on your business. Here are questions to ask yourself about your business. Do you:

  • Work with clients?
  • Hire virtual employees (virtual assistants)?
  • Have a website or blog?
  • Run online giveaways?
  • Speak to anyone about proprietary (confidential) information?
  • Accept guest articles or blog posts on your website?
  • Complete sponsored work online?
  • Receive media (images, videos, etc) for any purpose online?
  • Have affiliates for any of your products?

While this is not a full, comprehensive list, it is a snapshot of a lot of ways legal templates will cover you in case of a dispute.

Do I need to sign up for a fancy service to get digital signatures?

The templates I recommend have language so that you can either have the person sign a modified agreement OR you can get an agreement by submitting through a digital contact form or via email with “acceptance” language they need to respond.

So, signing up for actual signatures will depend on how formal you want or need to be in your processes.

Personally, I do use a service to have my clients sign any of the forms/templates that I need to tailor specifically to a contract.

All others are modified to be a general agreement and I attach them to forms on my blog/website that has to be checked by the person to agree to the terms before submitting the form.

Legal Pages For Your Website Or Blog

As an entrepreneur, you likely have an online presence. For many of us that means having a website or blog.

I have a full article about pages you should include on your site – check it out here.

Legal Templates For Your Business Or Blog

Staying covered is more than just slapping legal language on your site and calling it good.

Depending on your answers to the above questions on what services or interactions you have in your business with others will determine what other templates you may want to purchase.

Why Buy Legal Templates Rather Than Hire A Lawyer?

This is the big question. We all want to make sure that whatever we use is as full-proof as possible. If we are going to invest money in this, it better be worth it!

BUT, going to a lawyer will easily cost you 3-4x the amount it costs to get a single template (at $250+ an hour).

Using templates created and sold by a licensed lawyer, you are getting the legal coverage you need at an amazing price.

The only thing you will need to do is go through each of the templates and fill in the text to relate to your business and/or service/product you are covering. All the areas are highlighted so you know exactly what and where to update the templates.

I want to add that not many of us have any clue about legal jargon – I had a few questions and Amira was more than happy to answer them for me. Her customer service is amazing!

Legal Templates I Own And Use For My Blog And Businesses

If you want to see my testimonial for all of the legal document templates I currently use from Amira of, here it is. Please note that there were some technical difficulties with the audio – please forgive the echo when I speak!

Can’t watch the video? Check out the templates I personally use below:

Media Release Agreement Template

Here is how I use this template currently:

  • Testimonials (headshots)
  • Guest Bloggers (images for the post or author image/headshot)
  • Giveaways (use of images from the product owner/brand)
  • Product Reviews (images from brand owners to use in product reviews)
  • Sponsored Posts (using images from the sponsor)
Sponsored Posts Contract Template for your business

Sponsored Posts Contract Template

Here is how I use this template currently:

  • Any sponsored work

See also the Media Release Agreement Template for Sponsored work.

Confidentiality Agreement (NDA Template) for your business

Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) Template

Here is how I use this template currently:

  • Hiring a virtual assistant, coach, or subcontractor
  • I personally use this for clients at Kit Blogs

See also the Independent Contractor Template for Freelancers

Independent Contractor (Freelance Contract) Template for Your Business

Independent Contractor (Freelance Contract) Template

Here is how I use this template currently:

  • Hiring a virtual assistant
  • I personally use this for clients at Kit Blogs

See also the NDA Template for Freelancers

Guest Blogger Agreement Template for Your blog

Guest Blogger Template

Here is how I use this template currently:

  • Agreement for Guest Bloggers on my blogs
Sweepstakes Terms And Conditions for Your Business

Sweepstakes (Giveaway) Template

Here is how I use this template currently:

  • Any giveaways I do on my blogs or within my businesses
Affiliate Agreement Template for Your Business

Affiliate Agreement Template

Here is how I use this template currently:

  • For any affiliates I have for my products or courses

I also use a Course/Product Terms of Use template from a licensed lawyer, Mariam of You can find it here.

Other Legal Templates You May Need

In addition to what I use for my own business, Amira of offers a whole bunch of other templates you should check out to see if they will help you in your business:

What Legal Templates Do YOU Need?

Really evaluate your business and buy the templates YOU need based on your business.

Have any questions? Amira is amazing at answering any questions you may have!

What legal templates did you decide on or think you need? Share them in the comments below!

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