Are you a blogger, podcaster, or YouTube channel owner? Or do you record audio in any way for business reasons and you need it to sound professional and clear? Background noise is a real problem…but how can you reduce it’s impact?

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By using Krisp in addition to your microphone you can cut out background noise of any audio and/or video you use in your business (including video or audio calls from your computer).

What Is Krisp?

Krisp is a program that you add to your computer (Mac or PC) and is a noise cancelling app.

Krisp can be used with almost any app merely by changing the microphone input within the program (like Zoom, OBS Studio, and so many more). They list that it works with over 600 programs and apps.

The program runs directly on your computer and Krisp does not store or transmit any recorded audio in any way. So your recordings are completely safe.

Image of a speaker with krisp running to services, then services with krisp running to a microphone

The service can work both ways – you can set Krisp to run on your recording or on your end to remove background noise from whatever you are listening to (conference calls, etc).

Krisp can also run on iOS (but I have not tested this yet) for FaceTime and other programs.

Why Does Sound Quality Matter?

Yes the online world is a very visual place, but if your sound quality doesn’t match your beautiful visuals (if they are present in your recordings), you may lose potential followers or customers.

Not only do we all have people who listen to us from tiny, desktop speakers but with high performing headphones that will pick up on every little sound in the recording. You never know who is listening and from what kind of a device.

I will also add that I am NOT a sound expert. I am a blogger who is just trying to improve her recordings so they are clear and sound more professional for my audience.

Plus, since Krisp can work on the receiving end (your own speakers or headphones), being on conference calls with background noise will be so much easier!

Does Krisp Really Work?

As a work-at-home-mom with 2 little boys, background noise at my home can be quite extreme. For many, the example recordings I have below will be well above what you will experience.

Below are recordings that I made with the super sensitive Blue Yeti microphone (with gain all the way down on the cartioid setting):

Audio clip using Krisp with a child playing behind me, then with Krisp turned off.
Audio clip using Krisp with a TV on in the next room and children playing, then with Krisp turned off.

No, Krisp can’t solve EVERYTHING.

But, this little program can at least make your audio more crisp (pun intended) and cut out the bulk of the noise.

Like I said, many people won’t have the amount of noise I have to deal with every single day. So let my examples be a sort of “worst case scenario”.

Check out products and tools I personally use in my blogging (including course creation) and businesses.

Can I Try Krisp?

Krisp has a 14-day trial so you can test out if it’s the right solution for you and your business/blog. If you sign up with your business email (so an email you may have set-up for your blog), you can get an extra 14 days added to your trial (for a total of 28 days).

Plus, use this Krisp link to get 1 free month of Pro to try it out!

How To Use Krisp

Rather than reinvent the horse (that’s a weird saying, right?), here is where you can find instructions for Mac installation.

Although integration with PCs was launched in the middle of 2019, there doesn’t appear to be a step-by-step guide for PC users…yet from Krisp.

But you just go to Krisp, click “Download For Free”, then open the package that is downloaded and create an account to get started (no credit card required for the free trial).

Sample desktop selector for Krisp

It will add a small section in your bottom nav (see the ^ in the bottom right) – click on the icon (looks like 4 broken lines) to open the settings.

Changing the Krisp settings screenshot

After installation, you will need to change the microphone in whatever program you use to “Krisp” and make sure to go to this little window to select the microphone you are using with Krisp.

Here is also how to integrate Krisp with popular applications (Skype, Zoom, etc).

How Much Does Krisp Cost?

For most bloggers and business owners, Krisp is just $5 a month if you pay annually and $7 per month if you go month-to-month!

It’s a very small investment for amazing potential improvements to your audio needs, whether you make regular calls with clients, record videos for your blog or YouTube, or have a podcast (among many others).

Use this Krisp link to get 1 free month of Pro to try it out!

How Do I Get Krisp?

Head on over to Krisp and sign up for the free trial. You do NOT need to input your payment information just for the trial.

I actually found a lifetime deal for Krisp on AppSumo! Get on their email list to be notified of new lifetime deals and maybe Krisp will come up again!

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Krisp noise reduction app (pinterest image)

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