One of the biggest concerns of most bloggers is somehow neglecting to follow legal rules and end up in court for one reason or another. But most of us bloggers aren’t lawyers and understanding legalese is not our forte. So how do we cover ourselves legally?

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Learning how to protect yourself and your blog with legal pages will help you feel more secure in your blogging career.

Please note that I am not a lawyer and all content on this page is sharing my non-lawyer knowledge with links to products from actual lawyers!

Do I need a Privacy Policy on my blog?

The resounding answer is YES! Especially if you plan on making money from your blog, most affiliate programs and sponsors will require you to have a Privacy Policy on your blog.

A Privacy Policy is used to outline what kind of information you collect (and how you use it) for the visitors to your site.

It is required by law to clearly tell your visitors that you use cookies (and which ones) and how you use any and all information you collect from your visitors. This is also a requirement of GDPR compliance.

How do I get a Privacy Policy for my blog?

First, there are some ways that you can generate a free Privacy Policy…but you also run the risk of not actually being covered legally if a dispute of any sort comes up (more on this later).

Second, due to copyright (yet another legal issue) never ever copy and paste text for a legal page from another blog onto your own. This can get you sued!

That’s why I highly suggest purchasing a template to use. Yes, they are a little bit of an investment. But most sellers allow you to use the templates on all of your sites (if you have more than one) so long as you don’t share the text with anyone else.

I personally purchased my first legal templates from Mariam (a lawyer turned work-at-home-mom) of FreelandAndMarketing.

You can also see the selection from lawyer Amira of ASelfGuru here.

What other legal pages do I need for my blog?

There are a few other legal pages you should always put on your blog to cover your legal butt:


If you are providing advice in any form on your site, the Disclaimer is designed to cover you in case of a dispute.

For example, if a blogger provides a recipe on his or her blog and doesn’t have a Disclaimer in place then someone somehow chokes or has an allergic reaction, there could be a convoluted reason to sue you because of your recipe. It’s sad but true that people will look for others to blame.

The Disclaimer is also required to outline any affiliate programs you belong to.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions is especially helpful if you sell or offer products (free or paid). It clearly states what your site does and the terms and rules under which you expect your visitors to interact with you and your products and content.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

This is a mandatory policy for anyone who receives visitors from California (USA). There are some guidelines on who is actually legally required to have this policy (and applicable changes to your site).

But, I like to err on the side of caution and ensure my butt is covered in every way possible.

The CCPA is basically an additional requirement much like GDPR.

For this one, I highly recommend the template from Mariam (comes in the bundle!) since she has a video walkthrough that shows you a few other updates you are required to make to your site (on top of what you likely have already done for GDPR).

Cookies Policy

GDPR. The dreaded GDPR.

While I have read that some debate the need for a separate Cookies Policy (which talks about gathering information from your site visitors) since it is also a part of the Privacy Policy, I’d rather cover myself with yet another legal page than end up in court over something.

Where can I purchase legal page templates?

There are quite a few ways you can purchase legal pages for your blog. You can go straight to a lawyer to have them created for you…but this will really cost you if you imagine it could take them 2+ hours at $350 an hour!

That’s why there are resources out there that just sell the templates. But you don’t want to just go with any old template. Try to find a reputable source that has lots of positive reviews and are written by actual lawyers!

I purchased my Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms & Services, CCPA, and Cookies Policy from Mariam of FreelanceAndMarketing. Her templates are amazingly easy to follow and it took me maybe 10 minutes to get all my pages in place!

Amira of ASelfGuru (another lawyer) also offers legal page templates (I’m personally a VIP member for her templates so have access to EVERYTHING she sells for LIFE). Check out some of Amira’s other templates (with examples of how I use them).

Can’t I just use a free legal page generator?

Yes, there are free generators out there to get legal language on your site. But many aren’t actually free to include all the necessary language to cover you for GDPR and CCPA.

And this article by Amira (a lawyer) found issues when auditing free templates.

I know many bloggers are on a tight budget. I GET IT!

While I never recommend free generators this may be the only option open to you for a while. BUT, save up for GOOD legal templates to cover yourself ASAP. Paying for the templates is waaaaay better than having a lawsuit down the road.

Protect yourself and your blog and get those pages on your site!

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  1. With so many changes in policies and different for different countries. Having someone guide you through who understands will be a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

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