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All you need to start your blog NOW.

Want to start a blog but feel completely lost?

We have worked with MANY bloggers and site owners. The biggest struggle we see is the need to make a site “perfect”, taking months and even a year (or more!) before launching…


All sites are a work in progress. The biggest and most important thing you should do is focus on what truly matters: CONTENT!

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Giving you all the tools and set-up you need to get going NOW.

Maybe you feel...


Everyone is telling you something different and the mountain of information out there is HUGE! Hit the ground running with a blog pre-built just for you.


Even for the most tech savvy, learning a new system like WordPress can be hard. While you still have to learn how to use WordPress, this blog is ready and waiting to get you over that mountain faster.


Struggling to make decisions out of fear that you aren't "doing it right"? We have been creating sites for years, but we remember exactly how you feel! Don't let decision hold you back from launching that blog!

From Chaos To Control

Anyone who has started a blog knows how monumentally hard it is to learn “all the things”. Blogging isn’t just about putting words on a screen and you are an instant success. (wouldn’t that we AWESOME?!)

This blog gives you a fully functioning site with the tools and set-up to focus not only on creating amazing content but also giving you more time to learn other skills like SEO, Pinterest Marketing, monetization strategies, and others.

The truth is many aspiring bloggers make a few common mistakes....

Not Optimizing

Keeping your site running smoothly and FAST is an absolutely essential part of blogging. This site is set-up to optimize your images and speed up page load time.

Forgetting Google

Sure, you can get a lot of traffic from social networks and Google, but long-term growth is all about organic traffic from search engines like Google. With a plugin to help with SEO and a completed connection with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you are ready to go!

Ignoring Legality

Blogging is a business. You want to ensure that you and your blog are covered (as much as possible) against lawsuits. This blog just needs your legal templates and it’s GDPR and CCPA compliant (as well as setting yourself up to be accepted into affiliate programs).

Neglecting Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic to your blog from day 1 (while you work on SEO). 8 branded Pinterest pin templates are included with this blog (free Canva) and the site is already claimed on Pinterest to show your account is trustworthy to potential readers.

Introducing Blogs In A Box

Blogs In A Box from Kit Blogs

Share your knowledge without the headache of starting from scratch.

The Nitty Gritty

Astra Theme

Astra is a fast, lightweight, and customizable theme used by some top SEO experts. The theme is so popular you can find tutorials on YouTube for almost anything! Don’t get stuck with an unsuported theme! A child theme has also been set-up to secure your customizations!

Lifetime Licenses

Through Kit Blogs, you get a lifetime license to Astra Pro, Premium Starter Templates (if you decide to switch it up in the years to come), and HappyForms that serves many form needs (including accepting payments!).

Page Builder

Most sites we build use the Elementor page builder (free version). We consider it to be the easiest page builder to learn on the market today! YouTube tutorials are everywhere to help you along. Check out the details for each blog to see the builder used.


No design needs! You have a logo, brand colors, and brand fonts. These have all been integrated across the site already, and you will receive a brand styleguide for quick reference. (the logo source file will be included).

Pinterest Pin Templates

8 branded Pinterest templates using Canva (free) to save you time and headache. These templates will help you create share-able images for Pinterest with ease.

Content Prompts

Struggle to know what to write where? Sample and instructional text is found throughout the site! Focus on CONTENT and don’t get stuck in research mode!


The best (free) plugins have been added to help with SEO, site speed, social sharing, anti-spam, security, and more! Contact us with questions if you want more specifics. They are all set-up for you! There’s even an Affiliate Disclaimer added automatically to the top of every blog post!

Privacy Law Compliance

The site is GDPR and CCPA compliant after you add your modified legal templates (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Cookies Policy, Terms And Conditions, and CCPA) that come with the site (sourced from a lawyer)! Copy/paste! We are NOT lawyers but our process was reviewed by a lawyer.

Google Set-Up

The site is already integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console (using the Gmail account that also comes with the site). So you can easily track your traffic and site visitor behavior.

JUST for the lifetime licenses and legal templates that’s over $900+ alone!!

Imagine a world where...

Your blog is just ready and waiting for you to fill it with content, not get bogged down by the techincal aspects of blogging.

Think of all the TIME it will take you to get your blog where you wan it to be…for blogging, time IS money!

The Bullet Points

Rather than bulk up the page, click on the button below to see a full list of everything that is included with the site.

No Annual Fees

Suggested Upgrades

Unless otherwise stated, the only annual costs for each site are the domain name renewal and website hosting (which you will have with any self hosted WordPress site). All other resources, plugins, and services are completely free!

Who doesn't love a bonus?

Mac screen showing digital file organization mockup


Use this file structure specifically designed and used by bloggers! Just drag and drop directly into the files. Comes with a video walk through and prompts throughout.

MyBlog Workbook mockup by

BONUS #2 MyBlog Workbook ($12 VALUE)

Track your blog services, plan goals, report on your blog, document your blog and content, and so much more in this printable and fillable workbook!

Trello Blog Planning Toolkit mockup on computer

BONUS #3 Trello Blog Planning Toolkit

Use these Trello (free) boards to create a schedule, keep track of social share threads, and manage your time with time boxing! 

Hello there! I'm Kristine from Kit Blogs!

My passion is helping other bloggers cut through the crap-load of information out there and get their sites launched…FAST! I’m also a mom of 2, blogger, organization nerd, and former project manager.

KitBlogs founder Kristine Beaves

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are some recommendations we will make to upgrade some plugins and services down the road, the only ongoing fees are the annual renewal of the domain name and the charges from your own host company (or with Kit Blogs). That's it!

You will have lifetime licences (meaning access for LIFE) to Astra Pro, Premium Starter Sites, and HappyForms (for all your form needs, including a way for your readers to pay you when connected with Stripe).

Yes, the ownership of the domain will be transferred to you. You will be responsible for renewing the domain each year.

A child theme is a way to install a theme (the "parent") and then create a subset within your theme to pull all the elements from the “main theme” (Astra).

A child theme is set-up only to protect any changes you make from being erased when your theme (Astra) needs to be updated (which they do regularly to add features or keep up with WordPress updates).

Generally, many customizations on your site would not change when you update a theme. BUT, if you add any CSS or non-theme specific changes, they could be lost.

A child theme has been installed on this site. And, don't worry, you'll never know the difference!

We have listed our suggested website/blog hosts here.

You sure can! We are a BigScoots reseller, meaning we can host your blog on an amazing

We certainly can! During checkout you have the option to add-on this option so we can take care of all the technical details for you.

Want to import the site yourself? We will send instructions to help you. Please note that all hosts are slightly different. The instructions we provide will be generic - check with your host to see the best import method after you receive the files.

We will work with you to get all the necessary files, login credentials, and anything else you need to get the site transferred. 

We would love to help you but our focus is on creating the actual sites people use. HOWEVER, check out our recommended resources for a copy writer that may fit your needs.

You sure do! All the photos on the site have been cleared with a commercial license (NOT from a free stock photo site) and the logo is completely yours!

You will even receive a zip file of all the assets used that you is an entire blogging file structure to use moving forward!

Of course! We offer 2 weeks of email support on your blog after the site has been successfully installed at your host.

Plus, during checkout you have the option to add-on some time for assistance. Want more or decide you want help after your purchase? Contact Us or you can sign up for a retainer on our Services page.

Of course! During checkout you have the option to add-on some time for assistance. Want more or decide you want help after your purchase? Contact Us or you can sign up for a retainer on our Services page.


Yup, there is only 1 of each

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