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No Annual Fees

Suggested Upgrades

The only annual costs for these sites (unless otherwise noted) are the domain name renewal and website hosting (which you will have with any self hosted WordPress site). All other resources, plugins, and services are completely free!

Returning and not seeing the blog you liked? Sorry! All blogs are listed until sold. 

Sorry, Sold Out!

Homestead Blog

This site is ready for the next homesteader to share their expertise and experiences with the world!

Homeschool Blog

Want to start a blog but want to focus on sharing your homeschooling knowledge with the world?

Snarky Mom Product Website

Are you a sarcastic mom looking to start an ecommerce store? Includes full branding, 50+ designs ready to sell (through a linked drop shipper), social accounts, and more! Learn more about this site created by Kit Blogs and available for purchase (click the button to navigate to the listing).

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