Blogs aren’t all about text. Readers are very visual and want imagery to go with the blog post that is appealing and matches the content they are reading. Provide pictures on your blog that appeals to your audience, whether you are using stock images or using your own photos on you blog.

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Images are the visual part of your blog post and should be created with your blog post intent and audience in mind.

Let’s take a look at where and how you can get images for your blog.

Image Sources

You can choose to use images of your own or stock photos throughout your blog and on social media.

Stock Photography

Search online for stock photo providers, but keep in mind you need legal right to use stock photos! You can’t just do a Google search and copy and paste the image on your site.

Here are a few sites that offer free stock photos (be careful! even though the free sites claim that they allow commercial use, there have been lawsuits against some people for using images from there since the images on the site were not granted permissions!):

There are a lot of other sites that offer free (and paid) stock photos for subscribing to their newsletter like Ivory Mix and She Bold Stock.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when using free stock photography is that everyone has access to them. It’s not uncommon to be looking at Pinterest and seeing the same photo on pins multiple times within a single search!

Below are some other stock photo providers but are a paid service:

Do a search online for other sources – these are just a few!

I highly suggest you get on the AppSumo email list. They occasionally have deals for stock photography – I’ve personally purchased these for DepositPhotos and YAY Images.

Using Your Own Photos

If you wish to use your own photos on your site, there are a number of ways you can edit them (if you choose) before placing them on your blog.

Is it safe to share images of your kids online? Check out this article for some (unbiased) things to consider.

Creating Images (blog and social media)

As a blogger, you will likely need to create images with text and filters for one use or another.

Here are a few ways you can create these for your blog:

  • Use your phone: most smartphones come with some image software that will allow you to apply filters and, in some cases, text.
  • Canva (free, added features if paid): using Canva is one of the most recommended services out there, namely because you get all the functionality you need for FREE. The paid version allows you to track your brand colors and fonts.
  • PicMonkey (free trial, paid): many bloggers use this service. This mama used it for a while on her phone but they moved to a paid only service. It’s great for quick resizing and filtering images.
  • Fiverr (paid): hire designers to help. You can even request the design of unique templates you can use yourself in Canva, Photoshop or any other software you may have.

You can also hire Virtual Assistants who can not only manage image creation but also your social media accounts. But, there are free options out there that you can use yourself.

Making Images

With all of these social networks out there, how in the world do you create images for ALL of them (or even for one)?!

If you have design skills, you may want to use something like Photoshop. For the vast majority of us, using other, easier to learn software is the way to go.

Here are some programs to look into that will help re-size your images for specific social network platforms and provide a way to create unique images through built in design features:


Free and paid versions are available.

Most bloggers prefer to use the free version of this service, though doing the monthly paid version allows you to save your brand logo, fonts and colors for quick access.

Canva is by far one of the most popular ways to create images.

The interface is simple and easy to use without any design experience. There are thousands of templates for almost any image type and size you want to create.

You can even use templates for infographics and content upgrades (to grow your email list) if you want!

Canva also has a mobile application, but there are mixed feelings about how useful it is (definitely not the easiest compared to the desktop version).

TIP: If you see a template that has a price, try removing the stock image (and use your own). A lot of the time, the cost is associated with the image and not the design elements!


This paid service is a lot like Canva (and some bloggers say they prefer it to Canva).

There are a ton of templates and ways to customize a design for your needs.

There are other services available to create your images, but these are the top two recommendations.

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