Online course creation is full of opportunity for growth for yourself and for your business and/or blog. But there is also a lot of confusion and worry about whether or not becoming a course creator is the right venture for YOU.

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Megan Johnson, Pinterest Marketing Expert and owner of LoveFamilyHealth LLC, shares her first course launch experience with what went well, didn’t work, and recommendations for others heading down the course creation road.

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Who is Megan Johnson?

Megan is about all things Pinterest Marketing, eBook creation and becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

As a Navy wife and a stay-at-home mom of 2 under the age of 6, Megan started her blogging journey in 2016 just to make a little extra money from home.

She has a degree in marketing and quickly grew her income to over 6-figures in under 2 years!

Let’s hear from Megan about her first course launch experience:

How did you come up with your course idea? 

I created my first course Pinterest Ninja because I wanted to teach others how to be successful on the platform. How to drive traffic to their websites without having to spend a dime on advertising!

For VA Ninja, I had so much success when I started my Pinterest VA business I wanted to help other women do the same! It’s the perfect work-from-home job, especially when you have kids and a household to run. It’s something you can do for 1-2 hours each evening! Or anytime, really! 

Did you have a plan in place before you started creating your course content? 

I had a layout of all the information I knew needed to be included. I spent about three solid weeks working on the layout and flow of the course before I even started creating content for it. 

Which platform did you choose to host your course? Why? Was it a good decision? 

SendOwl! I love it. All of my courses are PDFs (with links to video tutorials.) I did look into other platforms, but they took a much higher percentage of my sale, and SendOwl makes automation very easy! 

Learn about other online course creation platforms here.

How did you market your first course? 

My email list and Pinterest were my top two traffic drivers when it came to course sales. And they still are! 

What did you learn from your first-course launch? What worked and didn’t work? 

If I could go back, I would have spent more time putting a launch plan into place. I think I was so excited to get it out there. I just sent it out as soon as I was done. I didn’t do any pre-sales or anything. And that was a mistake for sure! 

What have you changed based on your experience? 

The more I learn when it comes to Pinterest Marketing, the more I update my Pinterest course! Pinterest is always changing, which means I need always to be learning, which means I continuously update my course content. 

Do you have any tools, resources, or equipment you recommend for creating courses? 

A good microphone and screen recording software, if you are going to do tutorial videos is a must! I use screen flow, and I love it! 

Do you have any advice for others who are considering creating their first course? 

Take your time. Launching a new course is super exciting! But when you are in a rush to launch, you will make errors, and you will do things you wish you didn’t. Slow and steady wins the race!

When I launched my 3rd course (VA Ninja), I spend 6+ months working on the launch. My launch with Pinterest Ninja landed me just over $3,000, where my VA Ninja launch landed me over $20,000! This shows the more time you take to set up a solid marketing plan, the more success you will have with your course launch! 

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