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So you want to have a site but aren’t sure what host to choose. Here are some options.

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Customer Service

Choose a host that has great customer service and reply time. You will inevitably need their help at some point.

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Fast & Reliable

Having a site means you want it to be fast (for your readers/customers AND SEO) and always live online.

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You can place plugins to protect your site directly, but you also need a host that will protect on their end.

Choices, Choices

Picking A Host

There are a TON of articles online on which host you should choose for your website.

Hosts are merely the company you use to “house” your website files on (servers).

Some hosts fit different needs. If you are just starting out, you have a lot of options that will work for you – as your site grows, you may want to consider switching to a more powerful host with more options and customization.

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Picking A Host

Below is a list of great hosts to choose from:

When it comes to purchasing your domain name (URL), you can either purchase it directly through your host or through something like GoDaddy or NameCheap (hosting through either of them is possible, but not recommended). 

As a side note, you will see a LOT of people recommend Bluehost or HostGator. Both of these are what you will see referred to as “EIG companies” (owned by the same company), and they have lowered their security and many experience issues with both of these hosts. Kristine (the Kit Blogs founder) has personally hosted with Bluehost (3 years) and had no issues. But we decided to remove them from the list above after our tech/developer and SEO contacts firmly advised against their use.

Let Us Host Your Site!

Don’t have the budget to get your own hosting or just don’t want to deal with setting it up?

Kit Blogs offers hosting through BigScoots. As a “reseller”, we are set-up to host your site on an amazingly fast host. 

You can always start with us and move at any time to a host of your choosing.

Learn more on our Services page.

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