Are you drowning in the insane number of tasks and skills you need to be a blogger? Tired of paying ongoing monthly or annual fees for services to increase your efficiencies? I know I am.

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There’s nothing I love more than LIFETIME DEALS that will save you (and me) hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Plus, we can get deals that will not only save us money but think about it – time IS money. So any tool that will make your blogging life easier will save you so much more.

By snagging lifetime deals for products and services that will both increase your efficiency and save you money, you are able to focus on what truly matters: writing amazing content for your blog!

Where To Find Lifetime Deals

AppSumo logo

I wanted to make sure you know about one of my favorite sites: AppSumo.

I don’t share this just because I’m an affiliate.  I’m not like that.

I have personally purchased over 18 deals (list to follow) through them and have access to nearly everything I need to run my blogs and businesses…FOR LIFE.

No joke!

Outside of what I’ve purchased all I pay for is Tailwind, domain names, and hosting. That’s it!!!

In the years to come I know I will be saving hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

AppSumo Refund Policy

One of the greatest benefits to AppSumo is their refund policy.

They have a 60-day (no questions asked) money back guarantee.


I’ve taken advantage of this many time when the service wasn’t what I needed. It’s a merely click of a button and you get refunded automatically (can take a day or two for processing – you are refunded back to the form of payment used during purchase).

AppSumo Deals I’ve Personally Purchased

Like I said before, I practice what I preach. I’m not sharing AppSumo with you merely because I’m an affiliate – I’m a hardcore fan and VIP member.

Here are what I have PERSONALLY purchased through them over the years:

  • Social Scheduler(s) (I have both PromoRepublic and Publer – I wanted to test out the difference)
  • Stock photos (Depositphotos and Yay Images)
  • Stock videos (ProVideoFactory)
  • WordPress forms plugin (HappyForms)
  • Membership plugin (Wishlist Member)
  • Giveaway plugin (KingSumo – I already had 1 licence but I purchased a second)
  • WordPress login screen builder (LoginPress)
  • Webinar software (LiveWebinar)
  • Noise cancellation software (Krisp – perfect for WAHMs!)
  • Video creation (RelayThat and InVideo – I use these for video ads mostly)
  • On-site chat pop up (Hey Oliver)
  • Facebook and streaming meetings (BeLive)
  • Testimonial collection (Endorsal)
  • Client scheduler and video meeting service (MeetFox)
  • Contracts and client management (Quoters)

After typing that list I feel a little self-conscious but this has been over the past couple of years. Some I use on a couple of my sites and others not. 

I have a LOT of diversification in my blogs and businesses (hence the array of products and services in the list below).

Don’t Buy All The Things


Yes, they have great deals but pay attention to your budget and really think about how each product or service will actually save you time (and money in the long run). 

Struggling with the time it takes to do social updates? Look for a deal that is a social scheduler.

Check out the ratings provided by real customers for each deal to see if you like what you are hearing (they call them their “taco rating” from 1-5 tacos).

Don’t see anything you love?

Join their email list to be notified of new deals.

My purpose for this post is to help you through the craziness of blogging when you are on a budget and need help.

Yes, many that I purchased were absolutely not “needed”, but they make my life easier one way or another. These were purchased by re-investing what I made through my own blogs and businesses.

My Current Favorites From My Lifetime Purchases

As you can see, I’m a little obsessed with AppSumo. Below are my current favorite lifetime purchases:

I’m currently loving Publer with recurring post social sharing options for Facebook (great for groups or pages), automatic posting of comments in your posts (if you want to hide the external link in the comments), and their scheduling interface is much nicer than my other PromoRepublic! 

I also use MeetFox almost every day talking with my clients and scheduling meetings. The interface is super simple and requires very little work from me. It also integrates directly into your site for live scheduling.

Stock photos (and videos) are something I snag as fast as I can. They can be expensive! To help cover yourself legally, buying stock images is the best way to go to make sure you have the rights to use the images on your blog to avoid lawsuits.

I’ve purchased both DepositPhotos and YayImages (with either you get a certain number of photo downloads but the access is for life to use all your credits).

There are many others I love, but these are my current favorites!

Happy momming and blogging!

Have any questions about some of their offers? Comment below. I may or may not have tested them out (if they aren’t in the list above – I only shared what I actually use and have kept).

Save time and money with lifetime deals

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