As a blogger, you may take part in social share threads for your blog posts and social accounts. Each of the share threads occurs in different groups on different days with different rules. So how do you keep track of it all?

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By listing out all of your regular social share threads, you will be able to follow the rules of each share thread and know what you are sharing when throughout your busy week blogging.

I’m currently in a blog traffic challenge, which just confirmed my thoughts and strategies on social share threads. So, I though I’d share:

What Are Social Share Threads?

First, let’s just cover the basics – social share threads are opportunities to share your content with other bloggers to encourage sharing or interaction.

For many bloggers, these share threads are usually found within Facebook Groups. There are other places you can find sharing opportunities, but for the sake of this article (and popularity) I will be focusing on Facebook Group threads.

Basically, you join a Facebook Group with share threads and then share a link in the thread on the assigned day based on the rules and parameters of the thread.

Here are some examples:

  • Blog Post Comments: share a link to a blog post and comment on 5 other blog posts (that others have shared)
  • Promo Day: share a link to anything you want to share (these don’t generally have a required task for reciprocation but may include sharing or clicking on a number of the links others have shared)
  • Repin: share a link to a pin you have posted on Pinterest and then repin 5 others from the links others have shared
  • Blog Post Share: share a link to a blog post and share 5 others on social media
  • Twitter Retweet: share a link to a tweet on twitter you want retweeted and then retweet 5 others from links others have shared

There are many other variations for other social networks (like Instagram) and the required reciprocation will vary based on the rules of the group that are set by the admin of the group.

You are usually given a certain timeframe to finish your tasks.

The #1 thing you need to remember is that you MUST follow the rules or you will be not only wasting the time of your fellow bloggers but also risk being removed from the group!

Respect the time of your fellow bloggers!

Please please please save yourself the time and headache of “follow all” or “share all” threads! These are a huge time suck and are likely going to force you to share content and follow people who do not match your intended audience (which can hurt you on social media).

The Benefits Of Share Threads

Marketing. Just marketing!

Every single blogger out there is in this blogging world to gain traffic and readers.

There is a lot of debate on the validity of share threads (I mean it’s not “real” interaction, right?). But, joining share threads not only allows you to create potential relationships with other bloggers, but also gives you content to share that is (hopefully) helpful to your own readership!

How do you know if a share thread is working for you?

That the tough question. But, what you want to see is people actually reciprocating. You want to join share threads that are active and have follow through from those taking part in the thread.

You can also peak at you Google Analytics and see where you traffic is coming from and if it is going to the post that you have been sharing that week.

That being said, gaining traffic on your blog takes time. Staring at your analytics every day is only going to cause stress. So try to only look at your analytics weekly or every two weeks! It’s hard, I know. But there’s no need to stress – focus on the big steps, not the little, daily ones.

How To Find Social Share Threads

There are TONS of groups out there specifically for bloggers and some are narrowed down by niche (like a group for bloggers who blog about parenting or food bloggers).

Search Facebook and see in the About section if a share thread schedule is listed. Not all group admins will list a share schedule (which is unfortunate!).

Know some other bloggers? Ask for recommendations on great groups to join with share threads!

How To Organize Your Social Share Threads

Ok now you are in a bunch of groups with tons of share threads…but how do you stay on top of them all?!

I see the question come up in groups on how you keep track of what you are participating in and how to track what you have completed (and not).

Well, organization is my thing. That’s what I’m here for!

While I have a free spreadsheet you can grab below, you are more than welcome to create a system that works for you.

If you want to go that route, here are some thoughts on what info to track:

Create a spreadsheet with the following tabs:

social share thread tracking headers screenshot
  • Blog Posts: this is completely optional, but if you want to plan out what blog posts you want to highlight within a week or month you can make a list by day or week to stay on topic.
  • Days of the Week: make 1 tab for every day of the week (Monday through Friday)

Once you have those, columns:

Screenshot of spreadsheet tracking social share threads
  • Blog Posts: Month, Week, Blog Post Title, Blog Post Link, Pinterest Pin Link (if you do a Pin thread), and Share Text with Link (to add some text before your URL in the share thread to peak interest!)
Social Share thread tracking sheet screenshot tracking daily participation
  • Days of the Week: Group Name, Group Link (link to the group for ease of finding the thread), Share Thread Type (what you can share and the rules), Timeframe & Notes (added after the above screenshot was taken), and then columns to track your actual actions on that share thread: Link Shared and two columns to say “In Progress” and “Completed” (so you can mark that you participated and if you have finished your tasks yet)

You will do this for all the share threads you want to take part in throughout the week. Each share thread will be listed on the applicable day of the week so you just need to look at that one tab a day to see your tasks!

It’s ok to NOT do some of the share threads within a group!

Only take part in share threads that you have the time for and will help you grow your blog traffic or social following.

Also, I’m a HUGE supporter of time boxing – I highly suggest that you set a 10-15 minute timer for each share thread. Any share thread that takes you longer than 15 minutes should not be done! This should be quick and easy and not eat your entire day with tedious tasks!

Get Your Free Share Thread Spreadsheet

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Social share threads organization with free spreadsheet

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