Whether you have just started blogging or have been blogging for years, it can be challenging to constantly brainstorm new blog post topics and constant social media updates. Most successful bloggers have a clear plan to push the content he or she creates to get the biggest reach for the time and energy they have already spent.

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Learning new ways to repurpose content (whether that be on your blog, social media, or other platform) can not only reduce your level of effort every single day by reusing content you have already created, but it can also open up your audience on different platforms.

Repurposing Blog Content

Benefits of Repurposing Content

So you’ve spent hours upon hours creating amazing content for your blog. You have fine tuned every word, every sentence to be perfect. You publish your content…then what? Is that it?


Reusing content you have slaved over will ensure you get the most out of the (at times monumental) effort you have just spent.

While you should never copy and paste full blog posts anywhere else on the web (for SEO), taking parts of your content to repurpose elsewhere is not only encouraged but also thrifty! I can promise you that any blogger you admire (and runs a successful blog) will be using many of the ideas below to save time and brain space.

How To Repurpose Content

Below are some creative ways to get the most out of all of your content:

Blog Posts Into Videos

Have an amazing blog post you have created? Turn it into a video! This doesn’t have to be horribly fancy – you can either talk directly to the camera or create a slideshow to record.

Video is and will continue to be a huge draw to your online readers. You can use the videos you create to start or grow a YouTube channel and enhance the experience on your blog by allowing your audience to read OR watch a video to consume your content.

If you have never created videos before, remember it takes practice! There are tons of tools out there to help you succeed. You will get the hang of it and find what works for YOU.

Videos To Text

Do you have a YouTube Channel or create regular videos to use online? Transform any video you create with helpful information into a blog post.

Free Repurposing Content Worksheet

You’ve got enough on your plate to keep you busy 24 hours a day and then some. Save time, save energy. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

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Trim Existing Videos

A single video you create can be used in so many ways! One simple solution is to edit your video down to particular information and use that in a narrowed down blog post topic or to provide focused videos on your YouTube Channel or as a social media update.

Audio Version of Your Post

This one is so easy! All you need to do is record yourself reading your blog post and place that within you article! This is slightly different than creating a Podcast, but that’s another option.

Transcribe A Video From Another Blogger

First, never, never, never pass off another person’s work as your own! But, if you find an amazing video you want to share with your audience, turn the video into a blog post with an embedded video and credit linking back to the original poster.

In most cases, I highly suggest asking permission from the original creator.

Document Behind-The-Scenes

Recording a video? Writing a blog post? Anything you work on can be turned into a behind-the-scenes update on social media or in a blog post! Just take photos of whatever you are doing. You will be amazed how helpful seeing how things are actually done can help your audience and provide a way for your readers to really get to know you.

Quote Yourself In Guest Posts

Do you write guest posts on other sites? A great way to not only add credibility to yourself (hopefully in a way that doesn’t make you sound full of it, lol) but also increase your word count without all the effort is to quote yourself!

Draw from previous social media updates, email responses you have completed, videos you have created, or anything else where your words can be reused. These don’t have to be text! Sometimes taking a screenshot and using it as an example grows your credibility.

Blog Post to Facebook Live

Going live on Facebook can be pretty overwhelming and coming up with unique topics to cover can be challenging! Take a look at your previous content and see what you can turn into a Facebook Live.

Email To Blog Post

Whether you sent an email to one of your readers or sent out an entire email blast to your list, take that content and create a new blog post (or, if it’s short, do a social update).

Expand a Topic From An Old Blog Post

Do you have an epic (long) post on your blog with lots of information covered? Take a single topic you covered and write an entire article about it (and link back and forth between the articles to help decrease bounce rates).


If you have a bunch of content that relates to itself, you can turn those blog posts into an ebook to sell on your site, use as an opt in (lead magnet), or to sell on sites like Amazon.

Blog Posts To Podcast Episodes

Do you have a Podcast? If so, you are likely not shocked by this one. Take an old blog post and turn it into your next episode!

Podcast Episodes to Blog Posts

Yup, another one that seems obvious but it’s always good for a reminder! Take one of your Podcast Episodes and turn it into a blog post (many times you can make multiple posts from one episode depending on the information covered and length).

50 ways to repurpose content today

Online Course Content To Blog Post

Sure, we all want to hide away our premium content. BUT, taking some of the topics from your paid or free content can actually show your audience that you are an authority on a topic.

Summary post of a month of Podcasts or videos

Whether you have a Podcast or create regular videos (for your YouTube Channel or other purpose), do a post that summarizes your month (or week, depending on how much content you have created). This can be into a blog post, social media update, or as a Facebook Live.

Quotes In Social Images

This is a great one, especially for Instagram! Go through your old posts and pull out self-containing quotes (meaning they make sense if read outside of the full text) to place on images for social media updates!

Quotes In Social Updates

Much like the last one, use your quotes in textual social media updates on Twitter or Facebook.

Send Quotes To Other Bloggers

Once you have formed some relationships with your fellow bloggers, get in the habit of sharing quotes from your blog posts with them to see if they want to share them with their audience (either within a blog post or in a social media update).

Click-To-Tweet Quote Spotlights

There’s this plugin (free) you can use to help your audience quickly and easily Tweet a quote you designate within your content called clicktotweet.


Have a great quote? Amazing image? Simple video? Think about how you can reuse those when creating ads.

Product Review Comparisons

Have you done product or service reviews on your blog? If you have multiple products that relate to each other, do a blog post comparing them!

Free Repurposing Content Worksheet

You’ve got enough on your plate to keep you busy 24 hours a day and then some. Save time, save energy. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

Fox next to Repurposing Content Worksheet on KitBlogs.com

Create A Resource Post or Page

Yes, we always want to link to our own content wherever possible. But how about creating a post or a page filled with resources you have created on your site?

Roundup of your own content

Sometimes called “listicles”, create a blog post highlighting blog posts you have created that relates to each other. Many bloggers have created roundup posts of articles on other sites under a specific topic – why not do the same for YOUR content?

Examples: “5 Killer Ways To Use Your Instapot”, “10 Kid Crafts For Creative Toddlers”, “7 Budget Types To Find What Works For You”.

Email Responses

Do you get emails from your audience with questions about your business, blog, or specific topic? If so, you likely have an entire collection of email responses you can pull from to create a blog post (or 100).

The email responses you sent to your readers could be an FAQ post about a product you offer or stand-alone articles based on a specific topic. You have already crafted a response to questions – share it with others who may have similar queries!


Much like the email responses, maybe you are a coach or a product creator and get repeated questions about the same thing. Create a blog post, video, or social media update based around the common questions and concerns.

Opt Ins / Lead Magnets

This is likely the most common way to repurpose blog content – create a free opt in offer (lead magnet) like a checklist, a printable version of the article, or anything else that would relate to your post to grow your email list!

The trick is to make sure the offer is “click-worthy”, meaning it is something your audience would actually be willing to sign up for your email list to receive.

Create A Series From Longer Posts

Do you have an epic (long) post? Stretch the reach by turning the article into a series of posts instead!

Spin off An Old Blog Post

Much like creating a series, see if you can find a blog post where you can expand on what you have already written with new or more comprehensive information.

Use Common Questions On Social Media

You likely see the pain points of your audience all the time through questions you receive every day. Turn these into social media updates.

Update Old Posts With New Information

Not only is updating old blog posts great for SEO, but by merely adding new information to old blog posts, you can then market the article in different ways (more than “check out this article…I wrote 2 years ago”).

FAQs From Audience Into A Blog Post

Do you have a Facebook Group or Facebook Page where people post questions and comments? Maybe you have comments on LinkedIn or IMs from your audience…take those questions and turn them into a blog post with the answers you have already posted or sent!

Polls and Surveys

Do you have an engaging piece of content that you can turn into a poll or survey? Ask you audience directly through email blasts, on social media, or within blog posts to gather information.

Republish As A New Post

If you have been blogging for a while you know that many of your blog posts may easily be forgotten. But, if you search through your archives and find a post you want to update and then republish as a new blog post, this is a great way to not only keep your posts up-to-date but get the most out of what you have already created.

Use Your Data For Case Studies

Some bloggers already do income reports or traffic reports. For some, that isn’t something that fits within their niche (if it is, try it!). So, think creatively about how you can use data to share case studies – this can be as simple as taking the comments you received on a blog post to share a “here’s what others are asking” Q&A post or use results from a poll or survey to write case studies for your audience.

Interviews Into A Summary Post

Do you have multiple interviews on your blog? If so (and if they relate to each other), create a summary post of the interviews either to compare or to help the reader with the cliff notes version of the interviews.

Use An Interview For A FB Live or Social Update

Did you conduct an interview (either through text, phone, or video)? Think about using that content for a Facebook Live or social update.

Image Gallery Post

Do you have a previous post that contains a lot of images? Think about creating an image gallery post to focus entirely on your photography – this is great for travel or recipe bloggers!

Create An Infographic

Online users are incredibly visual. Do you have a topic that would make a great infographic? Infographics are merely putting information within an image to make them more appealing or understandable (diagrams, flow charts, path finding, checklists, etc).

Not only are infographics great for adding another level of understanding to your blog post, but you can also share your infographic with other bloggers (so make sure to include your blog URL on the image).

Infographics can also be great for Pinterest (but make sure to check the optimal image sizes.

Infographic Into A Video/Meme

Have a great infographic and want to get more out of it? Add animated elements (even Canva has these now!) to increase visual appeal and catch the eyes of your audience. If you use the correct sizes, Pinterest allows video pins!

Free or Paid Online Courses

Much like opt in offers (lead magnets), you can take content you have posted on your blog that relates to each other to create online courses! These can be free or paid. The only thing I would add is that if you are looking to do a paid course, ensure you add more valuable content than merely copying and pasting your blog posts (personal opinion).

Email Newsletter

That’s right – instead of worrying about what to send your email list every week (or however often you send emails), think about saving yourself a ton of time by sharing a simple (but useful) blog post in your emails.

You can use quotes or you can send the full article word for word with a few tweaks to speak to the reader.

The attention span of someone in their email isn’t very long, so try to choose a shorter blog post or include the main points and merely say “click here to read the full article”.

Create An Email Series

So there are the one-off emails you can send OR you can actually create an email series out of old blog posts that relate to one another. OR an epic post you can to break up into multiple emails with a “coming next week you’ll learn X”.

Webinars From Content

The popularity of webinars is growing. You can search through all the content you have created (on and off your blog) to find something you can teach to others through a webinar.

In many cases, webinars are more of a lead magnet (opt in) for funnels or sales pitches, but you can also regularly engage with your audience and grow your email list by offering webinars.

Update Old Gift Guides

Do you have a post about the “Top 5 Toys Your 3-Year-Old Toddler Will Love” (or something along those lines)? You can rebrand the same post by seasonality or holiday. Create new images, update a few sentences, and change the title of the blog post (but NOT the URL) to attract different people throughout the year to the same content.

Turn Your Podcast Into A Video

If you have a Podcast, you can either decide to video record yourself at the same time or you can create slides to play behind the audio you recorded for your Podcast. Attract visual people in addition to those that love podcasts!

Turn Your Podcast Into A Post

Transcribe your podcast and turn it into a blog post. Pretty self explanatory, lol.

SlideShare On LinkedIn

Do you have a presentation you completed for a course, webinar, or other video? Think about adding it to SlideShare by LinkedIn.

“Ask Me Anything” To Blog Post

Whether through a Facebook Live or some other method, do an “ask me anything” (AMA) session on social media (or through a webinar) and turn that into a blog post. I’ve seen many Facebook Group admins and Facebook Pages say (textual) “I’m live for an AMA for one hour starting now!” and others pop on to ask questions.

Use Blog Comments

Blog comments can be very useful, not only in helping with SEO and engagement, but they are also a great source of testimonials and questions to share on social media. Just make sure you ask permission to use their name/photo if you are using a screenshot. For many, this is merely covering up the commentator’s name and image before publishing the image (or leaving out the name in the text copy/paste).

Create a Challenge

This can be a bit like an email series, but it can also take other forms. Do you have a blog post about productivity? Turn that into a 5-day challenge for your audience! You already have tips and tricks written out, now get your readers or followers to follow through on your advice.


There’s a whole new audience waiting for you on Periscope. I know many bloggers who use Periscope almost every day! It’s a live streaming platform with an app you can download on your smartphone. So, it’s like doing a Facebook Live but to a potentially larger audience! So repurpose your blog posts or content you have created to do a live video.

Free Repurposing Content Worksheet

You’ve got enough on your plate to keep you busy 24 hours a day and then some. Save time, save energy. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

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Tips For Repurposing Content

Here are a few ideas when you think about how to repurpose your blog content:

  • If you have a blog post checklist you complete, add a line to look for quotes or think of ideas on how you can repurpose the content you have just created
  • Create templates to share quotes or information on social media so you can copy/paste text easily into new images (and stay on brand)
  • Do you have a budget for a VA (virtual assistant)? If so, hire one to search for the best quotes or pull your medium performing blog posts to use in emails, social media updates, or to do your own roundup post (links to your related articles)


The benefits of repurposing blog content will allow you to focus on creating amazing content while getting to know your audience in new and unexpected ways across many platforms. The possibilities are endless on how you can take one piece of content and create many other methods of engaging your audience.

Was this helpful? Save it for later to reference!

50+ ways to repurpose content on your blog like a pro

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