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Our Preferred Blogging Tools

Below are products, services, and tools we actually use!

Blogging Courses

A course taking you from nothing to launch with a self-hosted WordPress blog with only 3 recommended investments.

Recommended Courses

I have taken so many courses, but I’m only calling out the courses that provided me the most value:

Start A Blog



Making Money Blogging

(I have taken many others, but none were informative enough that you couldn’t get the same info online).

Email Marketing


Hire Help

Below we list all of our suggested contacts for further help with your blog or website. These are all people we have worked with or who come highly recommended.


Gillian Hill is a copywriter and editor who loves to dig in and find out about what people do, then showcase that to the world.

She specializes in helping small businesses and bloggers by providing templates to allow them to write their own first drafts, then provides help with editing and polishing so it’s ready to present to the world.

She is available on an hourly or retainer basis to provide a number of blogging services, including strategy and editing. If you would like to know more, please contact her at [email protected]

WordPress Developer

Grayson Bell of iMark Interactive

iMark Interactive

Grayson Bell has over 15 years of blogging and WordPress development experience. He has services from helping with troubleshooting (“quick fixes”) to speeding up your site to monthly support plans (and so much more). 

He is continually helping and supporting WordPress bloggers and website owners through iMark Interactive and by interacting with many Facebook groups to help with all the questions that come up on the technical side of blogging.

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