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While we are happy to chat with you, take a look at the commonly asked questions below:

While we can help you get set-up with a good host (or even host with us through BigScoots!), generally you will first purchase a domain (site URL), set-up blog hosting, and start a WordPress site. We take it all from there!

You can purchase your domain from places like NameCheap (which offers free WhoIs domain privacy protection!) then link to your host. Or, you can purchase the domain directly from your host (the easiest option).

Creating a site on something like Blogger or WordPress .com means that they can place ads on your site and technically own the content you write! You will have limited ability to customize the site as well.

If you plan on monetizing (making money from your site) with ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, or any other method, you will want to go with a host. Your ability to customize your site and be accepted to a broader range of methods of making money, hosted is definitely the way to go.

There are TONS of hosts out there. But choosing the RIGHT one for you and your site is a very important decision.

See our host recommendations here.

Always avoid hosts through EIG companies, which include BlueHost and HostGator. There are increasing server and security issues.

Yes we do! We are what is referred to as a “reseller” through BigScoots, an amazing host. 

See the Services page for more info.

While we can install themes by other creators on your behalf, we offer lifetime access to all Starter Sites and Premium Sites from Astra*. 

This theme supports usage of a few different page builders, but we personally recommend Elementor*. 

See and search all the Starter Sites on our Websites page.

To see the benefits of this fast, responsive, and versatile theme, see this blog post about Astra Starter Sites. Please note that the post talks about the free themes (over 40 available), but Kit Blogs has access to ALL starter sites (over 400 currently, with 140+ using Elementor).

Easily. We back up your site, install Astra (and any applicable plugins and licenses), then add-on a child theme to protect your site customizations.

You can choose to do this through your live site or set-up a staging site through your host to customize before pushing the changes live.

Kit Blogs is all about setting up your site and getting it launched. That’s why we create sites using an existing (fantastic) theme and page builder. 

Custom built sites will require ongoing support from the developer – using a popular theme means you will have access to a plethora of resources from online articles to YouTube videos for almost any problem you want to solve.

However, if you want something custom, we can get you in contact with some great developers and designers.

Of course! We have access to any and all Starter Sites through Astra*, including those using Beaver Builder*.

Kit Blogs just has more expertise in Elementor* than Beaver Builder (and we find Elementor to be much more user friendly – Beaver Builder is great if you are technically savvy). 

We sure do! If you have never heard of a “child theme”, this is a way to install a theme and then create a subset within your theme to pull all the elements from the “main theme” (Astra).

A child theme is set-up only to protect any changes you make from being erased when your theme (Astra) needs to be updated (which they do regularly to add features or keep up with WordPress updates).

Generally, many customizations on your site would not change when you update a theme. BUT, if you add any CSS or non-theme specific changes, they could be lost.

It is simple and easy, and we take care of it for you! 

Of course! We love to get your site looking the way you want even after the Starter Site is installed.

We work with you to determine what you need and create a custom plan moving forward.

We can! Due to the time consuming nature of creating content for your site, we also subcontract with some amazing writers with expertise in online writing.

We only work with the BEST (that also don’t cost an arm and a leg!).

Yup, we can do that, too!

GDPR (EU) and CCPA (California) are online privacy acts/laws to protect consumers on the web. While you may or may not receive site visitors from the EU or California, it is always advisable to get ahead of the legal curve (there will inevitably be other laws joining the privacy game – why not just make sure you are covered?). 

All you need is to purchase some great legal templates*, share the templates with us, fill out a form to help us modify your templates, and we’re good to go.

Learn more about this service here.

While each website and agreement is different, we generally do not offer refunds once work has begun. The terms will be clearly outlined in our service agreement you sign prior to payment and work beginning.

Just click on the button below and you will be taken to a contact form. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

*affiliate link. See the Disclaimer for details.

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