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Blog Monetization Workbook

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Prioritize, set goals, and grow your income.

Want to make money or grow your income blogging?

You’re overwhelmed. You’re scattered. You’re unfocused.

You have a million-and-one things to do to maintain your blog and grow your following…it’s so hard to remember to focus on the RIGHT tasks to grow your income blogging.

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It’s aggravating to put tooooons of time, effort and brainpower into your blog and sometimes only see minimal changes to your traffic (and, in turn, your income).

It can take bloggers a year or more to start seeing a real income from blogging. While there are exceptions, the way to reach your goals faster is to…set goals and stay focused on tasks that actually move you forward.

Set incremental goals to reach your income

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What’s Included

This printable or fillable workbook includes pages to outline your blog, audience, monetization method priority (which may change as you grow), and set goals.

And once you have reached the timeframe for each of your goals, use the Goal Reflection page to outline what worked, what didn’t work, what you want to try next, and more.

The absolute biggest thing you need to remember is that FAILURES ARE GOOD! They are just indicators of what is not working so you can change your goals next time.

Plus, you can access a video which will help you along the way (especially if you are brand new to blogging) you can access after purchase.

I’ve even included some extra pages to use as you see fit: checklist, notes, and task list.


Just $10!

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Hello there! I’m Kristine.

My passion is helping other bloggers cut through the crap-load of information out there and get their sites launched…FAST! I’m also a mom of 2, blogger, organization nerd, and former project manager.

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