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MyBlog Workbook

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30+ pages to get organized with your blog.

Overwhelmed as a blogger?

You’re overwhelmed. You’re scattered. You’re unfocused.

That’s why I created the MyBlog Workbook: to help others get past the overwhelm and track their blog with ease.

Mockup of the MyBlog Workbook by (3d)


As we all live and breath our blogs/businesses in the digital world, there’s something about bringing that work into the physical world that makes it more tangible and easy to track.

So print this workbook out or type into the pages then print them to get them out of your head!

Pages Included

Print or save your pages based on your needs. 

  • From Nothing To Launch Checklist
  • Blogging Research Checklist
  • Blog Overview: track high level info about your blog
  • Target Audience Persona: further define your audience
  • Blog Branding
  • Blog Services (2 pages): track all your services
  • Image Sizes Tracking
  • Plugin List
  • Time Boxing (2 pages): manage your time with a breakdown of tasks with time goals!
  • Monthly Goals: set goals and the steps to reach those goals
  • Weekly Goals
  • Weekly Hit List: main tasks or to-dos by week
  • Daily Hit List
  • Blog Topics: brainstorm all your topics with a simple exercise
  • Blog Post Planning: make a list of your planned posts per month
  • Email Planning: document the emails you send every month
  • Blog Post Checklist: never forget a task again (and add your own!)
  • Guest Post Tracking: track your backlinks and guest posts
  • Repurposing Blog Content: work smarter not harder by reusing what you’ve already done!
  • Affiliate Programs: tracking
  • Logins: list
  • Giveaway Checklist: keep track of every step to complete a giveaway on your blog
  • Blog Reporting: from pageviews to email subscribers monthly
  • Pinterest Reporting: from followers to top pins
  • Social Media Reporting: monthly tracking by network
  • Top Blog Posts: monthly top performing posts
  • Top Op Ins: monthly to performing opt ins/content upgrades
  • Monthly Income: track that income!
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Return on Investment: total income vs total expenses per month


  • File Naming Conventions: never lose a file again
  • Notes: blank
  • List: blank 
  • Checklist: blank


This 30+ page workbook will take you from just starting a blog to tracking your progress as you grow.

Just $12!

Kristine Beaves of

Hello there! I’m Kristine.

My passion is helping other bloggers cut through the crap-load of information out there and get their sites launched…FAST! I’m also a mom of 2, blogger, organization nerd, and former project manager.

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